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Patients information

After Hours Care

After hours care is provided by arrangement with the accredited National Home Doctor Service they can be contacted on 13 74 25

The doctors from this service will make a home visit on request, and patients are bulk-billed.  Our practice receives a written report of consultations the following day.  In an acute emergency, please ring 000 for an ambulance.

For less acute emergencies, and cases of accident, after-hours care is available at local public hospitals such as Austin Hospital.

Appointments & Consultations

We provide appointments for our patients. You can book appointments over the phone, in person or online. If you have multiple concerns that you need to discuss with the doctor you may need to book a longer consultation to ensure that there is sufficient time to attend to your medical needs.
A 'Standard Consultation' is up to 20 minutes. A 'Long Consultation' is 20 - 40 minutes. An 'Extended Consultation' is longer than 40 minutes. If you are a new patient we recommend a 'Long Consultation.'  

If you have an urgent issue we are always able to fit you in on the day. 

Banyule GP & Respiratory Clinic is a mixed billing clinic for all consultations and procedures. Depending on eligibility, procedures may be bulk billed.

There may be a consumables fee that is payable by the patient. 

This fee is charged for non-government schedule funded immunisations, dressings, sutures, plaster casts and biopsy's. 
This fee will vary depending on the materials used. 

If you are booked for a procedure please ask your doctor to inform you of any additional charges at the time of your consultation. 
Consultation Fees

We are a mixed billing clinic. Detailed information regarding our fees can be found on our fees page
Recalls and Reminders

This clinic provides a recall and reminder system. This ensures a systematic approach to preventative health care and ensures that patients are recalled for results and follow up tests. Recalls and reminders will be sent by text message, letter or by phone follow up. 

If you don't want to receive preventative reminders please advise your doctor or the staff. 

Referrals to Specialists and Allied Health

An appointment needs to be made to see a doctor to obtain a referral for a Specialist or Allied Health. This ensures that the doctor is completely across your health care and can discuss your specific needs and situation. 


Repeat Prescriptions
Where possible the doctor will need to see you for repeat prescriptions. This ensures that the right medications are being prescribed and there are no contraindications for any prescribed medication. In some exceptional circumstances the doctor may choose to provide you with a repeat prescription without an appointment, provided you have been to see the doctor in the last 3 months. 

Test Results
As part of your consultation your doctor may ask you to have blood tests, X-rays or other investigations. All test results are checked and assessed by your doctor. Information regarding a result is not available until results are received and checked by your doctor. 
If the results are urgent the doctor or the nurse will make immediate telephone contact with you to make an appointment with the doctor. 
If the result requires non urgent follow-up you will be sent a message and required to make contact with the clinic to arrange an appointment to obtain the results. It is preferred that you make that appointment within two weeks of the results coming back. 
Results can only be provided to the patient, unless consent has been provided by the patient to disclose to a third party. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details. 
Please allow up to 2-3 days for your results to be received and reviewed by your doctor.

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